Star Swarm is Now Available

Star Swarm cover

My first space opera novel, Star Swarm: The Chaos Wave Book One, is now available in e-book format from Amazon. Expect the print version along shortly. In the meantime, you can get the e-book for just 99 cents! (free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers). Get it here.

2 thoughts on “Star Swarm is Now Available

  1. Mr. Palmer,

    I really enjoyed “Star Swarm” and look forward to reading your other books.

    I do have an observation. I just finished reading Star Swarm in Kindle format and Chapter 35 Trapped seems to be out of place. It has Leda fighting Ix warriors. The next chapter to feature Leda is back on the Armitrage’s command deck with Leda still a prisoner of Col. Straker. This chapter seems mis-placed. Maybe it was a preview of the sequel?

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