Services for Writers

I provide the following writer services on a limited basis:

Editing-I will edit your 50k word or less manuscript. This can be anything from a basic line/copy edit to more in-depth developmental editing. Rate: 5-7 cents per word, depending on what level of editing you need. My specialties: business nonfiction, science fiction, and urban fantasy.

Interior Print and E-book Layout-I can create your interior print and e-book layout using Vellum. Your file must be in docx format and must be clean and free of any formatting-related errors. I do not fix typos or do any editing during this process. Rate: $50. If you need both e-book and print, this will run you $75.

Book Blurb Critique: $25. I’ll look over your Amazon sales page copy and let you know what works and what doesn’t.

Interested? Shoot me an email at and we’ll discuss your particular project.