Entropy Strikes Back: My Novel in a Week Update


Well, if you’re not seeing fireworks at the top of this post, it means I did not finish my novel in one week. The plan was to write 3,000 words starting on Sunday, and then add another 1,000 words on top of that number all the way until Saturday. I failed. Miserably.

But does that mean I’m a failure? Hardly.

I still clocked over 12,000 words, and counting. Before I started writing this post I just added another 531 words. And I will keep going until the book is finished. I didn’t finish it in a week, but I will finish it. It’ll just take a lot longer. No biggie.

I’ll see how much of it I can get done throughout the month of April. That’s on top of finishing up a work-for-hire nonfiction e-book for a paying client. So we’ll see. But just because I didn’t pull it off this time around doesn’t mean I can’t do it eventually. And I learned some things from the process. I’ll be talking about those things–and some interesting backlash that I and, to a greater extent, Dean Wesley Smith received as part of this journey in another blog post.

Until then, keep watching the skies.

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